Order Updates + General Info:



After Ordering: After you order, you should receive an order number, it will be four digits. 

Your order number is very important so make sure to screenshot the order page and check your email. 

Email Format: If you have any problems with your orders email me in this format

Subject- Bags4Baddies Order Concern

Include: Name, Order # , Date, Issue.

Promoter Info: If you would like to promote for my company Bags4Baddies you must have at least 100k followers. If you have under 100k followers, you must be a $10 fee to promote. You can email or direct message me for more information. 

Restock: Restock days varies but is normally every 2 weeks. 

Need Business Tips/ Assistance? Follow @bags4baddiess.

Best way to contact Bags4Baddies: My business number on my Instagram page or my email (bags4baddies@gmail.com). I DO NOT answer Dm's about ORDERS.

List of discount codes/ Recent Sales: 

$1 off- Code: "Baddie"

$5 off 50 or more- Code: "5OFF"