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💕Shop Pay & Zip Pay available at checkout. Split your payments into 4! 💝Order total must be $35+ . Buy now , Pay later✨. Receive your order before fully paying.
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This page serves as an update for orders that are shipped, delayed, and more. Please note that due to privacy issues we use order numbers instead of order names. PLEASE NOTE: if you order number is listed under "shipped" you may not be eligible for a refund/return.
Shipped Orders as of 10.8.21 (all of the order numbers listed here have been shipped at USPS , please up to 4 business days to see your tracking number update. We are not responsible for shipping delays)
Airpods (2nd gen)
(all orders under this category are for airpods, please note this does not include other items)
8858 , 8857 , 8855 , 8851, 8865, 8867 , 8869 , 8871, 8874 , 8876 , 8880, 8883, 8884, 8915, 8917 , 8918, 8925, 8960, 8964, 8983, 8988, 8991, 9005, 9006, 9010, 9025, 9030, 9031, 9035, 9035, 9042, 9045, 9048, 9050, 9061, 9073, 9077, 9084, 9089, 9092, 9107, 9110, 9114, 9115, 9117, 9119, 9120, 9122, 9125, 9130, 9131, 9138, 9139, 9140, 9142, 9147, 9159
Airpod Pros
(all orders under this category are for airpods, please note this does not include other items)
8985, 9024, 9027, 9028, 9032, 9043,9046, 9047, 9049, 9066, 9068, 9083, 9088, 9097, 9099, 9104, 9108, 9113, 9116, 9121, 9124, 9128, 9129, 9162, 9164, 9169, 9156, 9185
Apple Watches
(all orders under this category are for apple watches please note this does not include other items)
8847, 8906, 8914, 8916, 8963, 9008, 9040, 9041, 9055, 9062, 9063, 9111, 9150
Other : 
(all orders under this category are a mixture of different orders!)
8872, 8881, 8921

Thanks for choosing to shop with Bags4baddies. We understand that once you place your order, you immediately want updates and the package at your front door. I have designed a unique system to help you get in contact with me and find information on your order. I ask that you please read everything and let me know if you have questions.

**Due to Covid-19, a lot of inventory has been delayed or stuck in transit. Please once you get your package practice safety precautions and sanitize your package! Below is the OFFICIAL NEW LINK to our order update form. Please use this way to contact me as it will be the quickest and most effective way! **

Business Hours are (10am - 8pm EST) Only Monday-Friday. We DO NOT answer emails on weekends or holidays. * Please allow up to 5 business days for a response as we get tons of orders, emails, and questions*

Delayed and Missing Orders:
Orders shipping Next: (No later than October 15th)
8773, 8568, 8571, 8012, 8924, 8806 , 8810, 8820, 8782, 8760, 8822, 8094, 8767, 7835, 7896, 7978, 9178, Eryka W. More order numbers will be added to this list.
Custom Necklaces:
Necklaces are currently getting crafted by  our manufacture / vendor.  Tracking will be issued once they are done. This goes for delayed and recent orders.
If you are missing a shoe order (specifically Jordans)  from before August 29, 2021. You need to receive a refund for your order and replace the order. This due to U.S customs taking the shoes and us not having access to hundreds of shoes. Please apply for store credit to repurchase. 
For Ugg slippers/boots, they are backordered but currently we are working with our vendor to get the issue resolved.
All ebooks and vendors are supposed to be sent automatically to the email put at checkout. If you are missing any digital information, we will resend it to your email. Please fill out the order help form so we know to resend it to you. 
Xklusive Orders:
If you are missing an XklusiveP. order, please reach out for a replacement item. If you ordered an Xklusive item using Paypal, please specify when reaching out to me. You can get replacement items (that's on hand and ready to ship, or a store credit refund)
Delayed - Recent Orders (June- Current)
All orders will have a tracking number by October 15th. We are currently organizing who needs what to get everyone their order. We do sincerely apologize about any delays. Please allow us to fix your order and make it right!
Orders with a tracking number and no update:
1. Contact USPS. USPS is experiencing shipping delays (view article: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/snail-mail-blues-what-do-new-usps-slowdowns-and-price-hikes-mean-for-you/ )
2. If USPS has no updates for you or they says your order has not been shipped yet, please contact us THEN so we can make sure your order is on the queue to ship. 
3. We are not responsible for delays or damages caused by USPS or FEDEX. 
Disappointed with your order experience? 
For one, we understand! You as the customer have the right to your package and a wonderful experience. While no business is perfect and have issues, we are SORRY. To show our sincerity, reach out to us for a free item. Give us a chance to fix our issues and progress. Please view our refund policy for more information.
Need help reaching about your order, please fill out this form.
Link to form: https://forms.gle/FeWkvdnQc6ZbjTd88 . Please include all of the correct information.