💕Shop Pay & Zip Pay available at checkout. Split your payments into 4! 💝Order total must be $35+ . Buy now , Pay later✨. Receive your order before fully paying.
💕Shop Pay & Zip Pay available at checkout. Split your payments into 4! 💝Order total must be $35+ . Buy now , Pay later✨. Receive your order before fully paying.
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Updated: 11/30/19🧚🏻‍♂️
Email: bags4baddies@gmail.com / bags4baddiesinfo@gmail.com

HEY BADDIE! Thank you for one ordering from us and secondly trusting our brand . (Bags4baddies)

Due to a high volume of emails and dms , we cannot quickly service everyone who has a question. To make everything crystal clear to people who have placed orders, I will be breaking down everything you need to know after ordering from us 💋. PLEASE if you forgot to read our POLICIES and FAQ , take time to read because MOST questions are answered there.

> What does 1-14 business processing days mean after 2 business days ? To figure out when your processing days ends, whenever you ordered, find the date and skip two business days,  that is when your FIRST PROCESSING DAY START. After that, count 13 BUSINESS DAYS (Monday-Thursday) not including weekends or Friday

> Where is my Tracking number? A tracking number is normally issued right before your processing ends. A tracking number will be sent to the email that you placed at CHECKOUT. If you do not receive a tracking number after the processing days, THEN email me . 

> Tracking number says “Pre shipment” / “Label not in system, what does this mean? Sometimes , the order says this because it has not either been shipped, USPS has not scanned it yet, your package is lost or it has been mishandled. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I DID NOT SHIP YOUR ORDER! If you find that your tracking number hasn’t updated after 2-3 weeks here’s what to do. Contact USPS , (website:  www.USPS.com) ,  if they tell you to contact me , THEN, YOU EMAIL ME ! If you have not contacted USPS first, please do , I am not responsible after shipping items.

> I put the wrong shipping address/ email/ incorrect information at checkout, what do I do? Unfortunately, you must pay a reshipping fee. Re shipping fees start at $5 & can vary depending on the package. Please email me IMMEDIATELY after.

> I didn’t receive a conformation email, what do I do? Please make sure that you ACTUALLY placed the order. Go to your email and type in “Bags4baddies” . If nothing pops up and you were charged, please screenshot me where you paid and your FULL NAME & email address used to place order.

> I don’t want to wait long for my order, what do I do? If you would like to rush your order, YOU MAY pay a rush fee! A rush fee will be on the website, please purchase at time of ordering or after.

> Why is processing “long” / why is my order delayed?  Bags4baddies receives a HIGH volume of orders. We try to get everything shipped out in a timely manner. However, delays may happen and we will often give free products, or make instagram posts on @bags4baddies to give updates!

> I want a refund / I don’t want what I receive, what do I do? We DO NOT do refunds, once you buy from us, you know and understand that. We do not accept returns or exchanges. 

> My question that I have wasn’t answered on here, what should I do? PLEASE email me through my contact form on my website. Please allow ATLEAST 1-3 business days for a response ONLY IF your question is not answered above. We receive over 250 + daily emails💕🧚🏽‍♀️.

  Link to contact form: https://bags4baddies.com/pages/contact-us